To assist candidate applicants with applying for a scholarship, the Foundation has provided two versions of its Official Scholarship Application on this Website. The Foundation s Selection Committee reviews each application and ranks the candidates on the basis of the following evaluation categories:

  • Financial Need
  • Academic Achievement
  • Leadership Activities
  • Employment History
  • Career Objectives

Consequently, it is expected that each applicant will include his/her related key information under each of the above categories on the appropriate page of the Official Scholarship Application. Candidate responses on the application such as . . . see attachment, are unacceptable. Please include your most important related information in the space provided on the application and if additional space is required list that information on a separate attachment.

PRINTER VERSION – A color printer version which the applicant must print on a color printer and manually write in the the appropriate information on each page. You must sign and date the last page of the official application. Also, you must obtain a recommendation from a faculty member at an accredited Civil Engineering Department at a university in Alabama and/or from a Member or Affiliate Member of the Alabama Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and have him/her sign and date the application.Cut and paste versions of photo copied applications and incomplete applications are subject to rejection and may not be considered by the Scholarship Selection Committee.Please print the application on a color printer.Click on the hyperlink below to display the printer version of Official Scholarship Application:

HMR ALSITE Scholarship Application