The following table summarizes the individuals that participated in the Foundation since it was founded, their terms of service and offices held during their years of service. An interesting sidebar…all three individuals that have served as Chairman of the Foundation’s Board are also recipients of the highest individual honor bestowed by the Southern District ITE…the Herman J. Hoose Distinguished Service Award.

Board Roster – Harold M. Raynor ALSITE Scholarships, Inc.

Founding Directors Served Chair Vice Chair Secretary Treasurer
David R. Griffin (1) 1994-2009 1994-2009
Harold M. Raynor 1994-2010 1994-2005
Jerry L. Reeves (1) 1994-2005
Daniel S. Turner 1994-2015 2012-2015 2006-2012 1994-2005
Robert L. Vecellio 1994-2012 2006-2012 1994-2005
Elected Directors
John R. McCarthy 2006-Present 2013-Present 2006-2009
Richard L. Caudle 2010-Present 2009-Present
Julie W. LeNoir 2011-2014 2010-2014
Becky D. White 2013
Rocky D. Garrison 2014-Present 2014-Present
O. Scott Rumble 2016-Present 2021-Present
Ex-Officio Members
Kenneth J. Cush 2006-2014
Rocky D. Garrison 2006-2014
Julie W. LeNoir 2008-2011
Walter C. Dorsey 2009-Present
Rod E. Turochy 2012-Present
Becky D. White 2006-2007
Kerry C. NeSmith 2014-Present
Rodney L. Long 2021-Present
Emeritus Directors
Harold M. Raynor 2010-Present
Robert L. Vecellio 2012-Present

(1) Deceased