The Foundation is independent of, but associated with, the Alabama Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. A Board of Directors governs the Foundation and the Board currently has five (5) managing Directors:

  • Walter C. Dorsey, Director
  • O. Scott Rumble, Chair
  • John R. McCarthy, Vice Chair
  • Richard L. Caudle, Treasurer
  • Rocky D. Garrison, Secretary

In addition, the Board has four (4) Ex-Officio Members:

  • Julie W. LeNoir
  • Rodney L. Long
  • Kerry C. NeSmith
  • Rod E. Turochy

Also, the Board has two (2) Emeritus Directors:

  • Harold M. Raynor, Historian
  • Robert L. Vecellio

The Articles of Incorporation and/or the basis for IRS Letter of Determination classifying the organization as a Section 509(a) Private Foundation impose the following general restrictions on the Board of Directors:

  • There shall be five (5) Members of this Foundation, all of whom shall be over the age of twenty one years. The five organizers of this Foundation shall also serve as the Board of Directors, and shall elect from their numbers one (1) person to act as Chairman of the Board. The Board of Directors shall elect or designate a Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer may be the same person and may be a Member of the Board of this Foundation, but membership on the Board is not required;
  • No action shall be taken by any officer or by the Board of Directors of this Foundation without the approval of a majority of this Board;
  • All five Members of this Board shall serve until resignation, death, or being relieved by the affirmative vote of the other four Members of the Board. Replacement Board Members shall be elected by a simple majority of the remaining Members of the Board; and
  • The Scholarship Selection Committee is composed solely of the Board of Directors of Harold M. Raynor ALSITE Scholarships; Inc. Relatives of the Board are ineligible for scholarship awards.