On May 23, 1994, the foundation was incorporated under the name of ALSITE Scholarships, Inc.

On October 6, 2005 at a special meeting in Mobile, AL of the Board of Directors of ALSITE Scholarships, Inc., Vice Chair Bob Vecellio offered the following resolution:

  • Harold Raynor, through his vision and dedicated work, has provided outstanding leadership and service to ALSITE Scholarships, Inc.
  • He was instrumental in setting up the Foundation and recently completed thorough documentation of the history of the organization.
  • Two numbers characterize his tenure: 10 years and $100,000.
  • He has provided outstanding leadership to Dan, David and me serving on the Board of Directors.
  • Most importantly he has helped the Foundation achieve its goal of providing scholarship funds to assist Alabama Civil Engineering transportation undergraduates.
  • I move that the Foundation be renamed in honor of its first Chairman, Harold M. Raynor.

Vice Chair Bob Vecellio confirmed that legal counsel had been consulted regarding this proposed name change and that such a change could be easily accomplished. The motion was unanimously approved.

Harold Raynor was surprised by the motion and expressed deep appreciation for this special honor, and offered the following observations:

  • Many others have played key roles in the Scholarship Program’s success and in particular the ALSITE membership. The true success of ALSITE Scholarships, Inc. since its inception has been due to the dedicated efforts of an exceptional group of Board Members. Bob Vecellio, Dan Turner and David Griffin have served as ALSITE Scholarships Board Members since the Foundation’s beginning and they have been a true joy to work with. The Foundation’s success has been a team effort, and it has been personally rewarding to work with colleagues who shared a passion to assist undergraduates in Civil Engineering and cultivate their interest in the transportation field.

The name change became official when Articles of Amendment, changing the name of the corporation to Harold M. Raynor ALSITE Scholarships, Inc., were filed in Baldwin County, AL on May 5, 2006.