The Board has adopted the following Mission Statement:

  • To influence qualified Civil Engineering students’ career paths by providing financial assistance in the pursuit of study in the field of transportation engineering.
  • To administer contributions and endowment funds to insure that sufficient interest is generated annually to fund at least one substantial award. Only the earned interest from investment of the endowment and money market funds coupled with directed gifts can be used to fund annual scholarship awards. As of the end of its Fiscal Year on December 31, 2017, the Foundation had a balance of $149,958.22 on deposit. The Foundation uses two investment vehicles for its funds. The majority of the monies are invested in long term CD’s. The balance of the Foundation’s funds is deposited in a Money Market Account.
  • To make award payments at the start of each academic period to the student’s university for credit to the scholarship recipient’s account. Since 1986, a total of $180,600 has been paid to Civil Engineering students at universities in Alabama. In 2018 the Foundation awarded one scholarships with a total value of $10,000.